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BDotNet Presentations

AWS for .NET Developers - March 10, 2021


Virtual Meetup - May 2, 2020

Infrastructure as Code using .NET

Slides Demo Recording

Durable Functions

Slides | Demo | Recording

Meetup - Bengaluru - Jan 25, 2020

Being more productive with C# 8.0

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Microservices - the gRPC way


.NET Conf Local Bengaluru - 2019

.NET Conf Keynote recap

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What’s new in Xamarin


Bye Bye WCF, Hello gRPC

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What’s new in C# 8.0

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Microsoft Reactor Bengaluru- Community Launch

Building Cloud Native apps - A Developer journey with .NET

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Kubernetes on Azure

Topics Covered

BDotNet UG Meet - July 2019

Overview of the .NET Foundation

Slides dotnet-foundation.pptx

Authentication & Authorization Using .NET Core

Slides Sample Quickstart

GraphQL - A query language for your API - by Naveen

Slides Sample Project

XAML Islands for desktop apps - Vinoth Rajendran

Slides Sample Project

BDotNet DevCon’19 - Bengaluru - Feb 23,2019

Event Websitem (blazor & webassembly)


Developer’s Journey to Cloud


What’s new in .NET Core 3 ?

Downloads What’s New Migration from ASP.NET Core 2.2 to 3.0

AI for Every Developer

AI School Video Indexer AI Demos
Cognitive Services Azure AI Gallery

Azure DevOps BootCamp - Bengaluru - Jan 5, 2019

Introduction to Azure DevOps

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DevOps and Containers

Slides Container Demo MultiContainer Demo

.NET Conf Local - Bengaluru - October 6, 2018

Building Resilient Microservices

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What’s new in .NET Core 2.1 ?

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Blazor - Modern Web Development with .NET and WebAssembly

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